So you have a desire to take orders and allow people to pay later?

Maybe you are using Woocommerce shopping cart to take registrations for event and wish for people to register online and pay later closer to the time.

So this is what I did with a couple of notes you may wish to take note of:

1. Create a custom payment gateway.  You may know how to do this by coding or you may choose to add a plugin to do this.  I used the free version of Booster For Woocommerce (it has a pig on a rocket!) the following instructions are how to set this up:

  1. Install plugin
  2. In your sidebar select Woocommerce -> Settings and then choose the Checkout tab at the top.
  3. a new section is added across the top called “Custom Gateway #1” select this.
  4. Check the checkbox beside “Enable Custom Payment” to enable this payment gateway.
  5. Edit settings as you desire
  6. Set “Default Order Status” to “Pending Payment”
  7. Save settings

2. On the “Products” tab select “Inventory” and Check the number of minutes in the “Hold Stock (minutes)”, this is number of minutes defines how long it will allow an order to set in payment pending.  If left on the standard 60 minutes people will only have 60 minutes to pay otherwise the order will be cancelled.  I use 525960 minutes which is a year.


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