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Create a Hightail link that Expires

When you are sending files to people you sometimes require to send them a link that will expire after a certain time period or a certain number of downloads.  This video explains how.  ...

Adding Videos

Adding a video to your webpage can add that extra ZING and interaction with your viewers and can giv so much info without the huge reams of page and reading time. Embedding videos is also easy and there are some tips to have them looking great. Most video hosting...

Adding Images

So you have created a really yummy piece full of words that will invite and create and you wish to add images to make it pop and add interest? In many text editors there are easy little icons that you click and upload the image but when that is not there how do you do...

Adding Details to MP3’s

Itunes is a well known and free piece of software that makes it easier than ever to browse and organise your music, movies and more. Cick here to download. If you appreciate this video please click on the ad in the video or you can donate via Paypal on the link to the...

Set Up a Paypal Account

Paypal is a widely recognised online payment system which allows you to receive payments via credit card without having to have a merchant account (and pay monthly fees even if you receive no money). It is easy and FREE to sign up and there are per transaction fees so...

Show Your Gratitude

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