Remove URL field from WordPress comments form

Remove URL field from WordPress comments form

This field on the comments form of your blog is one of the ways spammers use to share their content.


One quick way to cut down on your website being used as a spam spot is to remove this field.  To do this there are 3 easy ways and they are outlined beautifully in this blog post on


IF you are using the code into the functions.php file you do not need to have “crunchify_” in the code.  You can simply removed this portion out of both places and the code still works.


Removing Product Description from Woocommerce

Removing Product Description from Woocommerce

I have been searching all over for this and finally found it today!!!
How to get rid of the words “Product Description” at the top of the Description tab on a Woocommerce product. Yahoooo!


So grateful to Template Monster for this hack (see original blog to be able to copy and paste the code)

So here it is:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin and select Appearance -> Editor
  2. From the files on the side select “Functions”
  3. Add in this file (at the bottom is easiest then you are not messing with any other code) the following code – sorry it is picture mode, still working out how to put code in my blog.Woo-product-description-removal
  4. Click Save at the bottom and you are done!!  Super easy!!


If you would like to leave it there and change the words put the new words you want like this:

return ‘New Words Here’;

(To find out how to change the tab title like above I will share in another post soon)


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