Full Width Slider Image as a Link in Divi Theme

Full Width Slider Image as a Link in Divi Theme

The Divi theme makes it super easy to add a full width slider to your WordPress pages.

In this video from Divi Nation Mak expains how to use CSS to make the images the button!  What yes by applying this CSS to the module the button becomes the size of the full image and disappears leaving your beautiful image that is clickable as a link with no visable button!  How does it get any better than this?

Below the video you will find the full CSS code required for this hack.

CSS Code:

font-size: 0px;
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.0) !important;
top: -1000px;
right: -1000px;
height: 5000px;
width: 5000px;
position: absolute;

View the full blog post on the Elegant Themes website

Is your Contact Us page an invitation?

Is your Contact Us page an invitation?

Many people look at the contact us page as a utility page but what if it could be an invitation for people to choose you, to Actually Contact You!!!

Recently I received an email from the team at CalderaWP talking about this and they shared a link to a fabulous blog post by Hubspot “12 of the Best ‘Contact Us’ Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy“.

color-bars-divi-contact-formAnother blog post that came through recently was from Elegant Themes with “5 Unique Ways to Style Divi’s Contact Form Module“.  What I love about this post is how easy these are to create and how effective they are.  Elegant Themes goes through step by step how to create these ideas using the Divi theme for WordPress  (which is my favourite and what I build all my sites using).

Wow are some people creative or what?  I would highly recommend checking out the ideas on this page and if you would like any assistance creating some magic on your Contact Us page we would love to contribute.


NB. Some links in this post are affiliate links.

How to Create Links / Hyperlinks

How to Create Links / Hyperlinks

What is a link / hyperlink?

Def’n: a highlighted word or phrase that when clicked links to another part of the document/page or to another location or website. Like this:  To make the code for a link click here.

Making links can be easier than you ever imagined.

There are many easy ways to link in the many programs we use everyday.

This video takes you through how to create links in:

  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Websites using WYSIWYG
  • HTML codes

Make Your Own Link

Don’t have a easy method for making links?

What if this easy to use link builder can make links easier than you ever imagined?

Enter the URL you wish to link to and then the Words that you wish to be the link and then copy the code from the cell below depending if you wish the linked to URL to be opened in a new window or the same window your are currently in.  Then paste that code into the HTML / Source code section of your website.

How to Choose a Website Designer – 5 Questions to Ask

As a website creator I often have people tell me their “terrible” previous designer story.  From these I have created my business to contribute to my clients and as my target is to empower people with the web, todays blog is to give you 5 questions to  create ease with YOUR website designer.

Did you know that you have choice?  There are thousands, if not millions of website designers in the world. Just because your sister inlaw is one doesn’t mean she is right for you or your website.

1. Do I require a Designer?  a Creator? or Both?

The first area to be clear on is what are you looking for?  A designer or a creator or  both?  And if both do they have to be the same person?   I myself am a creator.  I love the technical aspects of websites.  Give me the layout, colour and content and I will create a site that works for you and you love updating and using.
A designer is the one who comes up with the ideas for the colors and layout and some even have a talent for copy writing.
What are you looking for? Do you have talents and ideas to contribute?  If you require both a designer and a creator do you already know one that will work for you and can add someone else or is there are person who can do both or a company that has a team that work together to create your site?  If you are willing to ask these questions and more the website of your dreams can be created!

2. What is the Deal and what will we both deliver?

Next is deal and deliver.  This is an awesome tool to have in any area of your life and if you haven’t heard Gary Douglas speak on it I would highly suggest you buy the mp3.  In a nutshell get clear on exactly what the deal is. What will you deliver & what will they deliver?  When do each of you expect these to be delivered?  What will each of you receive? When 2 designers give you a price are they comparable?   Is 1 actually just for the design with no website attached?  Does one load everything for you and the other just a shell for you to add the content? Is one creating your whole brand and the other expecting you to provide that?  How many pages are included?
Get  clear on all of the details.  Ask them questions like “Exactly what do you give me for this?” “Exactly what do you require from me?” and “Is there anything else I should be aware of with this? ”

3. Whos website is it?

One of the biggest scenarios people tell me about is that they can’t change their site without paying the designer big bucks. Some people are happy with that and don’t wish to have any access to their site.  Others wish to have an in house staff member do updates.  Some wish to do it all themselves. Which are you?  Is your designer creating that for you?  Will you be able to make the changes you wish to make?  This will have you looking at things such as how is the content managed?  What is required to change it?  Where is my site stored and who has access to that?  If you die will I still be able to use my website?  (I know thats a bit dramatic and ….)

4. Will the site you make me grow with me and my business?

When you have a website created have a look at what you are creating as future.  Having a site that is phenomenal right now is AWESOME! And where might your business go in the future?  Can you website grow and change with ease? Or will it end up like a patchwork quilt made by a 5 year old last century?  Are you aware that you may desire a shop? a blog? a booking system?  Ask the designer/creator what are the possibilities with the website system they use for change and new possibilities.  Ask them to show you sites they have created with the system they are intending to use for yours.  Explore the possibilities.

5. If I choose this designer/creator…

An awesome question I got from Access Consciousness®  is “If I choose this ____ what will my life be like in 5 years?  If I don’t choose this ____ what will me be like in 5 years?”  Which one gives you a sense of light, expansive and fun?  Which one is heavy, contractive and a drag?  Of those which would you like your life to be like?  Choose that one!  This is based on the awareness that if something is heavy it is a lie for you, if it is light it is right for you (for more info on this check out this awesome video by Dr Dain Heer).

So you would like some facilitation about what it is you are actually creating and what will work for you please contact me.

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