How To ReSIZE Your Pictures Free Online

How To ReSIZE Your Pictures Free Online

One of the things that many people struggle with when creating their website is reducing their pictures to sizes and files sizes that work on their website.  I have found an AWESOME FREE Site that allows to you make all sorts of changes to your photos! 

I especially love that right down the bottom you can choose what the max file size you desire is.


Zoom – How to Allow Others To Screenshare

Zoom – How to Allow Others To Screenshare

If you are training others or running support sometimes the other person needs to share their screen.   I use the awesome www.Zoom.US software which is free if you are doing a one on one meeting or up to 45 mins for groups!  You can even record the session to use for FAQ or future training.

One thing we noticed recently was that when it came time for the participants (not host) to share their screen they couldn’t.  Here is how to fix this!

  1. Click the arrow beside the Screenshare button
  2. Click “Advanced Sharing Options..”
  3. Change the “Who can share?” setting from “Only Host” to “All Participants”
  4. Close Sharing options and your are good to go!!

How to Create Links / Hyperlinks

How to Create Links / Hyperlinks

What is a link / hyperlink?

Def’n: a highlighted word or phrase that when clicked links to another part of the document/page or to another location or website. Like this:  To make the code for a link click here.

Making links can be easier than you ever imagined.

There are many easy ways to link in the many programs we use everyday.

This video takes you through how to create links in:

  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Websites using WYSIWYG
  • HTML codes

Make Your Own Link

Don’t have a easy method for making links?

What if this easy to use link builder can make links easier than you ever imagined?

Enter the URL you wish to link to and then the Words that you wish to be the link and then copy the code from the cell below depending if you wish the linked to URL to be opened in a new window or the same window your are currently in.  Then paste that code into the HTML / Source code section of your website.

Fixing Facebook Link Cache

Fixing Facebook Link Cache

Have you changed the content of your site and Facebook is still showing the old content when you share the page?

You can get them to update their info by going to the Debugger Page!

Please note if you are sharing a URL that has Masking on it will give a blank Facebook thumbnail


To change this:

  1. remove the masking on the url at your domain host
  2. request a “Scrape Again” at the Facebook Debugger Page
  3. refresh the share content on the Facebook postfacebook-cache-refresh-post




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