Have you wondered how to add subtitles? How to add translations to your videos on YouTube. This videos takes you through the steps to:
1. Transcribe your video ( at 1 min )
2. Create timings for the transcript ( at 4 min 35 seconds)
3. Download the sub-title files for use on Facebook  ( at 8 mins 10 seconds)
4. Upload a translated file to your YouTube video  ( at 10 mins 50 seconds)

How To:
1. Log in to YouTube and go to the video you desire to add sub-titles to
2. Click the “CC” button or “Subtitles & CC” link
3. Select the language your video is in and click “Set Language”
4. Click blue “Add new subtitles or CC” button and choose the language you wish to create the subtitles in (we will initially create them in the language of the video and then translate this).
5. Choose “Transcribe and auto-sync”
6. Either copy and paste a transcription in or use the controls to type the transcription from the video, if you have to leave your computer during the transcription YouTube will save what you have done.
7. Once the transcript is in the text box and you are happy with it click “Set Timings” and wait till YouTube does its thing. You may have to refresh the page a few times depending on the length of the video, or go make a coffee and come back later.
8. Once the timing have been done open the draft and check the timings are accurate. When happy click “Publish”. DONE!!!

To translate:
9. Re open the published subtitles and select the file type you desire from the “Actions” dropdown. .srt is the format you require to upload to Facebook.
10. open downloaded file in a text editor and translate keeping the format the same, eg:
00:00:00,830 –> 00:00:06,170
Salut tout le monde, Michelle Edhouse ici (Vie
Changer l’animateur en utilisant la Conscience d’accès

00:00:06,170 –> 00:00:11,450
Now here I am out for a walk with my gorgeous

11. Save as new file name.
12. In YouTube create a new language in the “Subtitles & CC” section and this time choose “Upload a file” option.
13. Click “Choose file” button and locate the translated file then click “Upload”
14. Check timings and layout and click “Publish”

There are 180 different language options available so go wild!!!

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