So you have created a really yummy piece full of words that will invite and create and you wish to add images to make it pop and add interest? add_image_icon

In many text editors there are easy little icons that you click and upload the image but when that is not there how do you do it with code?

Images are easy to insert in HTML using the following code:
<img src=”url” alt=”some_text” width=”42″ height=”42″ align=”left|right|middle|top|bottom”>
src: stands for source and is where the webpage should look for your image.
URL: Please note that the url requires the http:// part of the URL or the website thinks you are refering to an internal link and will error.
alt: the alt=”some_text” is where the words that will appear instead of the image if the viewer has images turned off. Note: In spam checks done by email hosts they prefer there to be an alt text.
test_image_glenn_michellewidth: specifies the display width of the image in pixels
height: specifies the display height of the image in pixels
Be aware that if your image is a rectangle and you make the width and height the same (eg. both 42) the image will distort! as in the image of my yummy insignificant other and I!
align: are you desiring to place an image floating to the left or right use this option and choose the position you desire.
Click Here for an awesome place you can play with the code. This site allows you to write the code on the left side, click the submit button at the top and it displays the result on the right side. How does it get any easier than that? Once you have the code doing what you desire it to do you can copy and paste into your site.

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