One of my favorite shopping carts is Woocommerce and often I am creating a pretty sales page that differs from the Woocommerce Product Page.  So what happens when you get to the BUY NOW button?

Do you really want them to have to link to the product page and then click again to add to cart? There is another way!

Woocommerce has built in a really cute little addition to your URL that can auto add a product and then take them straight to the cart or checkout page to continue to checkout. How does it get any easier than that?


  1. Find out your Cart Page or Checkout Page URL
  2. Find the ID number of the product you wish to add to the cart
    1. In the admin / back-end of the website got to the Products page
    2. Hover over the product you wish to use
    3. The ID number that appears below the product name is the number you require (see image with the ID highlighted in Yellow)Woocommerce-Product-ID
  3. Combine these from 1 & 2 to create the URL eg:   This will take the person to the checkout page with product 769 already added to the cart.

How does it get any easier than that?

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